Varicose veins, Covid-19 effects, containment and quarantine

In fact, little is known about viruses, but we can say that any disharmony that occurs in our body affects the whole and especially the circulation, because it is the blood that carries our nutrients and defense mechanisms, and of course it is the heart, which makes it possible for blood to circulate to reach […]

Why do varicose veins manifest themselves?

Medical opinion has various criteria. But none of them is related to nutrition, other culprits appear, including the phrase we hear more than once “It is not known” fortunately more and more medical researchers are relating comprehensive health with the way we eat. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is not catalogued as a metabolic disease, and […]

Can Varicose Veins be cured naturally?

Nature and our immune system, always have a solution for all imbalances (diseases) and varicose veins will not be less, you need to know how and also a lot of commitment. The first step is to modify the habits of life: nutrition, exercise and emotional attitude. Investigating whether what you eat heals or makes you […]