Can Varicose Veins be cured naturally?

Nature and our immune system, always have a solution for all imbalances (diseases) and varicose veins will not be less, you need to know how and also a lot of commitment. The first step is to modify the habits of life: nutrition, exercise and emotional attitude.

Investigating whether what you eat heals or makes you sick is a project that is personal and non-transferable, because no one can do it for you. It is evident: if you have circulatory problems… it is a sign that the way you feed yourself is inadequate for you.

On many occasions, we hear the following sentence: “they are hereditary” and although it is true, genes influence but do not determine. It is a warning that if action is taken we can prevent history from repeating itself. Science has statistics of twins who have been genetically predisposed and in one the disease has manifested itself and in the other, that by taking measures to avoid it, it has not been so.

That is the reason that the quality of our health is in our hands.

We must assume that the (CVI) is a serious problem, goes beyond the aesthetic. They indicate a disorder in the circulatory and lymphatic system. Everything begins with inflammatory nutrition, stress, toxic mental states, stagnant emotions, all these situations make the capillaries dilate and in turn, the veins are deformed, under the surface of the skin, the one-way valves, of the veins, become insufficient do not close well, unable to overcome gravity, the blood has difficulty returning to the heart.

Sometimes they do not cause pain or even manifest themselves aesthetically, but they can produce discomfort that is difficult to bear. It has been proven that it is necessary to adopt and maintain good physical and emotional life habits

According to my personal experience, after correcting the habits of life, the most effective has been massage (lymphatic drainage) and dry brushing.

There are home remedies that can help you bear the discomfort.

  • Good daily hydration will be of great help in keeping the discomfort at bay and also in relieving it.
  • A balanced diet is always beneficial for the body in general, so it should not be neglected.
  • The performance of daily physical exercise (of moderate-intensity) is essential to facilitate proper circulation and attenuate varicose veins.
  • Walking, cycling and swimming.
  • The insoles, that in my experience have worked for me

– Witch hazel: Important vasoconstrictor and venous tonic. It regulates the circulation thanks to its content in tannins and flavonoids. …

– Hazelnut. Its leaves contain tannins and flavonoids very useful for improving varicose veins.

– Cypress

– Broom

– Indian chestnut

– Aloe Vera

Yes, they can be cured! As you can see, you have to get seriously involved, have a lot of patience because it is an illness that in some cases has been developing for about 10 years and even more, to cure it is necessary to dedicate time and optimism.

I wish you much patience, you will need it!

Karmen Pastora de Miranda

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