Why do varicose veins manifest themselves?

Medical opinion has various criteria. But none of them is related to nutrition, other culprits appear, including the phrase we hear more than once “It is not known” fortunately more and more medical researchers are relating comprehensive health with the way we eat. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is not catalogued as a metabolic disease, and in fact, it is, since all diseases have their connection with the metabolism when this is depressed nothing can be in order.

We eat too much, digestion requires 3 to 4 hours or even more, and we have not yet finished the digestive process and are eating again, toxins are stored quickly, without enough time to excrete them. This causes the connective tissue to become saturated, weakening and intoxicating and even more so when we lack the necessary nutrients with so much pollution in all senses, the aggression to our organism has reached an incalculable magnitude.

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Toxins are deposited in the bloodstream, accompanied by parasitosis, this creates inflammation in the vein walls and affects the functionality of the containment valves. These toxins produce xenobiotics that damage the organism and the blood is stagnant, forming small thrombi, which will increase, especially in constipated people.

I can assure you that there is nothing that can be done, at the root of the disease, from the outside; whatever it is, the most advanced thing they propose is palliative, that is, the apparent solution from the outside, symptoms, aesthetics… etc. but let us not deceive ourselves the problem is still there, hidden and silently advancing and who suffers most is the heart that overexerts itself to return that blood, for its oxygenation, adding up to cardiac discomfort.
Believe me, there is no other way than to modify the lifestyle.

Karmen Pastora de Miranda

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