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It will happily make you forget that one day you suffered from circulatory problems.
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Information of interest:

  • Some people when starting treatment, may feel a tingling of greater or less intensity. Signal that indicates increased pressure in the capillary and venous arterial circulation. Reaction that, if it occurs, disappears shortly.
  • Sometimes due to the acidity of the PH of the skin and environmental oxygenation. It may lose its original shine. We guarantee that it does not affect its therapeutic properties!
  • No allergy symptoms have been registered, even so, we do not rule it out. Consult your doctor.
  • You can use the Insoles with or without the Heel Cups, the results are equally satisfactory.
  • We recommend in case of severe symptoms, to use the Insoles without heel pads, during the first 15 days. -favors more intense massage-. Fix the sole of the foot with adhesive tape in the reflex zone of the nerve endings of the small intestine. This point is located at the junction of the heel with the beginning of the plantar arch.
  • If after 15 days of treatment the symptoms do not diminish, go to a Vascular Specialist for a thorough examination – Vascular ultrasound- (Doppler). Chronic venous insufficiency is not only an aesthetic problem, it is much more serious than is believed. Don’t give up!



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